Energiapuu langetuspead

THOR- Full hydraulic tractor with articulated chassis

Length with attachment tools is 3117mm, width 1450mm, height 1980mm, clearance 426mm, weight 800kg. Machine has 35 bhp Vanguard Engine, which has hydraulic pump attached to it through clutch(pump productivity 60 L/min). Oil is spread by divider which has six sections and it is load sensing. Every wheel itself has a hydromotor. Steering is through a joystick controller, which also has cruise control option.

In front and rear there are 2 pairs of Hydro take-offs, in one pair there is option to regulate oil spread and direction electronically.

There are tool mounting options in front and rear, which support 0 and 1 series various implements.

Machines measurements shown are minimum. There are options to order a machine which is taller, longer and wider, also with larger clearance, more powerful engine and with hydraulics which have greater productivity.

Machine is able to drive to 25 degree hill, theoretically much more, at the moment limit has been set by the engine.

At the bottom machine is fully even, as resulted from that it prevents machine to get stuck behind rocks, roots, etc.

Idea came from that I needed for myself a simple, easily maintainable and also powerful small tractor. Machine was originally projected to work in woods, however from series of fairs, I have attended to, I found out that it could do so much more. It can be used by vegetable farms, communal workers and actually by all sort of farmers. Machine is using four wheel drive (5 km/h) and front wheel drive (10 km/h), there is also option to build faster machine.

On soft landscape machine has advantage by having light weight and center joint steering, which means if machine gets stuck it can choose new path for getting out.

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